Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Ministry

Team Leader – Liz Deligiannis


Mission Statement

The Pastoral Care Ministry’s mission is to assist the clergy in overseeing the pastoral needs of the parish by being instruments of the healing, transforming presence of the living Christ in the lives of the people within the parish and beyond. In this way we strive to fulfill, as individuals and as a community, the Gospel and the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ, to love one another and to be a light to the world.

Pastoral Care Subministries

The Saint Catherine Care Line
Coordinator – MaryAnthi Dielmann

The Care Line is a way for our Clergy and Parishioners to notify the church that one of their relatives is ill, injured or in need of prayers. Calling the Care Line will ensure that the information is published in the Sunday bulletin and placed in the Altar so that those in need may be prayed for. A get well card is mailed to each person on the list on behalf of our Parish. In the future the information will be used to provide meals, transportation and visitation for home bound individuals, if requested. To report the name of someone in need, to request prayers for a beloved one asleep in the Lord, or the let us know that you would like your name to be removed from the Care Line, please call 303 – 773 – 3411 extension 8. Please note: Dues to limited space in the weekly bulletin only the names of our Clergy and Parishioners relatives may be submitted for the Care Line

The Saint Catherine Prayer Partners
Coordinator – Pam Scooros VanMilligan

The Prayer Partners are a group of volunteers who have made a commitment to regularly and confidentially pray for all those whose name is on the Care Line as well as for a host of other needs from our parish members and those outside of our parish. This is an avenue used for those who contact the church in need of prayers and would like to keep their requests private. Many prayers are received from those outside of the church, including people who locate our Church via the internet. We are always in need of volunteers willing to add additional prayer requests to their personal prayer time at home. This is a very simple and easy way to give of your time and serve to those in need by praying for them.

The Meal Angels Ministry
Coordinators – Laurie Bouzarelos and Helen Kretzmann

The Meal Angels Ministry provide and delivers meals for parishioners in need, whether it be the joyous arrival of a new baby, recovery from surgery or a temporary crisis. The Meal Angels Ministry is in need of more volunteers to be Meal Angel Providers. Meal Angel Providers are notified via a group email when a need arises. Our parishioners are widespread over a large geographic area, so the more volunteers we can recruit, the easier it is to minister within our own neighborhoods.
This ministry is NOT overwhelming, it does NOT require vast amounts of time and YOU CAN CHOOSE whether or not to sign up for any meal requests, depending on your schedule at that particular time. You can sign up once a year, or as often as you wish. Also, meals do not have to be homemade. You may also prepare meals to be kept in the Meal Angels freezer, which will be used as needed. For more details please visit the Meal Angels Page

Cancer prayer and support group
Coordinator – Liz Deligiannis

A support group for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers that provides a caring and confidential environment where people can share their experiences, victories, fears, and challenges as well as pray together for healing.

Compassionate Care Ministry (Visiting Angels)
Coordinator – Liz Deligiannis

A visitation ministry for parishioners who are hospitalized, unable to leave their homes often, or just in need of the comfort rooted in compassion, understanding and caring. We are currently looking for potential volunteers to help us further develop this ministry.


On Saturday, June 11 there will be a Compassionate Care Training 10am-2:30pm.

For more information or if you would like to participate, please contact Liz Deligiannis ( our

Pastoral Care Ministry Leader and Compassionate Care Chair

The Healing Prayer

The Healing Prayer is prayed every second Sunday immediately after Divine Liturgy.   This is intended for the healing of any needs our parishioners may have.  It is a community prayer for all.  The prayer is located in the pews on the back of the Lord’s Prayer laminated card.

Holy Unction

Holy Unction usually on Holy Wednesday of Holy Week in Great Lent.  This service is occasionally offered two more times throughout the year as the need of our parishioners require.