Meal Angels

Meal Angels is part of the Pastoral Care Ministry

Meal Angels Coordinators: Laurie Bouzarelos and Helen Kretzmann,

The Meal Angels group provides and delivers meals to our parish members who are new mothers or are families and individuals in need. Please prayerfully consider joining this growing ministry; volunteers are always needed. If anyone is interested in being a part of this ministry, please contact the coordinators.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to join the St. Catherine Meal Angels program. This ministry falls under the Pastoral Care Ministry Team at St. Catherine. The Meal Angels provide meals for parishioners in need, whether it be the joyous arrival of a new baby, recovery from surgery or a temporary crisis.

The Meal Angels Ministry is in need of more volunteers to be Meal Angel Providers. Meal Angel Providers are notified via a group email when a need arises. Our parishioners are widespread over a large geographic area, so the more volunteers we can recruit, the easier it is to minister within our own neighborhoods.

This ministry is NOT overwhelming, it does NOT require vast amounts of time and YOU CAN CHOOSE whether or not to sign up for any meal requests, depending on your schedule at that particular time. You can sign up once a year, or as often as you wish. You decide. Also, meals do not have to be homemade.  You may also prepare meals to be kept in the Meal Angels freezer, which will be used as needed.

This is what is involved: Our Meal Angels coordinators (Laurie Bouzarelos or Helen Kretzmann) will be advised of a need. An email notification will be sent to all on the list, with a request for meals. You can choose to sign up to provide a meal on a given date. Your decision may be influenced by many factors, including the geographic location or your schedule at that time. For example, you might choose to provide a meal for a family that lives near you, and pass on a request that involves a drive across town; or, you might be really busy that month and pass on a request but sign up for one when you feel less overwhelmed yourself.  Some choose to limit their participation, while others do not.

We would like to give everyone opportunities to show their love and caring and this is a means by which we can do that. If there is a need, many people like to respond if they can and this is a means of notification. If you would like to have your email address added to the list, please email Laurie Bouzarelos at

With love,

Your sisters in Christ,
Laurie Bouzarelos and Helen Kretzmann

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