YAL – Young Adults

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Young Adult Ministries Mission:  A successful Young Adult League creates a setting where Young Adults grow spiritually through experiencing the four characteristics which symbolize the YAL movement.  Namely, Worship (Liturgia), Witness (Martyria), Service (Diakonia), and Fellowship (Koinonia).  Using these four characteristics, we will live a balanced Orthodox Christian life, growing in His likeness.

YAL is open to all young adults post-college graduation.

Please join YAL every 2nd Tuesday of the month for a spiritual discussion at 2805 S. Forest St. Denver, CO 80222.  Other activities include humanitarian outreach projects and social events, for more information on upcoming events, please see our calendar below,  join our FB page and email list to receive updates.

Upcoming Events

Click Here (Google Calendar of YAL Events)


• OCMC Agape Canister Program. The Agape (Gr. “Christian Love”) Canister Program is a philanthropic development program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. All funds collected by the Agape Canister Program are earmarked for medical care and clinics, water wells, agricultural development, food and clothing, support personnel such as doctors, nurses, and teachers, the construction of schools, and the education of indigenous people in their own communities. When we sign up to become an Agape Partner, we agree to place plastic canisters in our local, cooperating Orthodox owned or supportive businesses. Then, monthly, we collect the money that others have contributed and send it to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. By giving a few moments of our time each month, we will help those less fortunate by easing the pain of poverty, hunger, and disease. If you are willing to commit to a canister or have a local business location to suggest, please contact Alina in the Church Office.

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YAL Patron Saint and Prayer

*Saint Stephen is the patron saint of Young Adult Ministry in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. His total commitment to Jesus Christ shines as an example, guiding the ministry. St. Stephen was one of the first Deacons ordained in the church. At a young age, he actively preached the Gospel of Christ in Jerusalem where he was criticized and persecuted by many Jewish leaders. Stephen was chased outside the walls of Jerusalem and stoned to death. As his persecutors stoned him, he prayed, “Lord do not charge them with this crime,” and he took his last breath. Stephen is an example to be followed, an important witness during an age when many Orthodox Christians died for their faith. The witness of Stephen and other martyrs is a challenge which all of us are called to meet. He is commemorated each year on December 27th. To learn more about Stephen’s life and ministry, read the Book of Acts, Chapters 6 and 7.

*Lord, as we struggle for meaning and purpose in life, Guide us with Your helping hand.  Teach us to be aware of God’s abiding love, and stir our concern for our fellow man. We commit to You our lives in the spirit of dedication and obedience so that we may be spiritually renewed through the teaching of our Faith and the guidance of the Orthodox Church.

For You are the God that loves mankind and to You we ascribe Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.