GOYA – Middle and High School

Greek Orthodox Youth of America: 6TH – 12TH GRADE 

WHAT IS GOYA? GOYA is a ministry for middle and high school youth, whose main purpose is to support Christian Youth through the development of friendships and a sense of communion with each other. Whereas our other ministries for youth center on worship or education, GOYA builds the Orthodox Lifestyle through the ministry of fellowship. Friendships are fostered through activities incorporating the four basic characteristics of the Orthodox Life: worship, fellowship, service and witness. In all of this, GOYA provides an environment where youth are comfortable growing in their faith and building relationships based on common Christian values.

WHO IS PART OF GOYA? As for the membership of GOYA, any student grades 6 – 12 who wants to participate in activities or fellowship in a Christian environment is welcome. Friends of parishioners, seekers, and those looking for a safe environment of Christian love and support are always invited.

WHAT DOES GOYA DO? In GOYA this year, we will be getting together for various activities, outings, and fellowship gatherings. We will meet once a month for an event, outing, or service project, and once a month for a fireside chat and fellowship event. Fireside chat nights will involve games, activities, and fellowship followed by brief 20 minute spiritual discussions. Activities will involve anything from a mountain hike, bowling, laser tag, or ministering to the homeless to overnight retreats at the church and camping.

GOYA activities are vehicles in which Youth may build lasting Christian friendships. By getting together for different activities, service projects, and fellowship gatherings, Goyans enjoy a special time for fellowship, reflection, growth, and bonding as members of the body of Christ.

HOW OFTEN DOES GOYA MEET? GOYA will meet twice a month. The Welcome Back party is September 11 at the Payne Residence. Stay tuned for more upcoming events! We will have multiple events coming in October, including an outing with the Cathedral GOYA.

WHO LEADS GOYA? The GOYA leadership in our parish is comprised of Father James Foreso and  volunteer Youth Advisors. We will also be looking for student volunteers to become Student GOYA Leaders, as well as parents to make up a Parental Advisory Board that will meet periodically to make suggestions and offer support for events.

CONTACT: If you would like to be included on the GOYA contact/e-mailing list, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the ministry, please contact Father Jimi.


A Special Ministry of GOYA is the basketball program. The annual Basketball Tournament has proven to be an excellent opportunity for the youth of our Church to come together in the name of Christ for fellowship and growth. The 2016 Tournament will be in Dallas, TX and will be held over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend.  Registration forms and more details soon! Below, please find the name of our Coaches. Times for practice will be determined soon. Stay tuned!

  • Jr. Girls Team: (6th, 7th and 8th Grade) 
  • Jr. Boys Team: (6th, 7th and 8th Grade)
  • Sr. Girls Team: (9th – 12th Grade)
  • Sr. Boys Team: (9th – 12th Grade)