Happy Ecclesiastical New Year!


Happy New Year!

Yes, New Year! The Ecclesiastical New Year begins
September 1, 2010.
What does that mean for you?
We have come full circle. In Church speak that means we remembered the falling asleep of the Virgin Mary in August, and on September 8th we will remember her nativity.
As we begin the New Ecclesiastical Year, the only resolution each of us must make is to make more time for Jesus. Making more time for Him means having a deeper understanding and relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the end of next year.
Therefore our theme will be a continuation of last year’s, which was “Gather my people to my home: Come and See.” This year we still invite everyone to gather to Jesus Christ’s home: His Church, but with the added resolution that each of us come and BE!
It even rhymes making it easier to remember. This year you are invited to be at St. Catherine’s. Be an active member in a ministry of your choice. Let you children be involved in the youth group of their age. Be willing to make time for the most important part of your life: Jesus Christ.

If each us of can just be the body of Christ- His Church-our Lord’s Parish of St. Catherine- it will be a blessing!