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Fall 2011

Gospel of John – Fr. Lou

Winter 2011
Orthodoxy 201 “Living or Faith and Spirituality” – Fr. Lou

Winter 2010 Classes

Book Study: Encountering Women of Faith – Edited by Kyriaki Fitzgerald) – Taught by Fr. Dino

Bible Study: Philippians – Taught by Fr. Lou

Fall 2009 Classes

The Epistles of St. Paul to the Galatians – Fr. Lou

Ephesians – Fr. Dino


Winter/Spring 2009 Classes

Orthodoxy 202 – Fr. Lou

Bible Study – Hebrews – Fr. Dino

Sunday Adult Discussion


Fall 2008 Classes

Bible Study – Fr. Lou Christopulos
Letters of St. Paul – Romans and I Corinthians

Sunday Adult Discussion

Introduction to Orthodoxy – Fr. Dino

Winter/Spring 2008 Classes

Adult Bible Study – Fr. Lou Christopulos
The Gospel of St. John

Sunday Adult Discussion

Fall 2007 classes
Introduction to Orthodoxy – taught by Fr. Lou

“Yia-Yia, what are they doing now?”
Learning about Orthodox Customs and Traditions
Led by Pam Weinroth and Dino Bardossas

Orthodox Potpourri

Heresies – A Modern Look

Online Orthodox Bible Study series: Featured classes: New Testament Survey, The Gospel of Matthew, The Parables

Introduction to Orthodoxy – taught by Fr. Lou

Introduction to Orthodoxy – taught by Fr. Evan

Adult Discussion on Sundays

Religious Education Sundays

Archived Classes & Lectures

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