Pastoral Care

Mission Statement

The Pastoral Care Ministry of St. Catherine has as its mission to be instruments of the healing, transforming Presence of the living Christ in the lives of the people within the parish and beyond.  In this way, we strive to fulfill, as individuals and as a community, the Gospel and the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ, to love one another, and to be a light to the world.

TEAM COORDINATOR OF PASTORAL CARE:  Alina Buzdugan, Church Office: Call 303-773-3411 or Email

St. Catherine CARE Line

CARE Line Coordinator:  MaryAnthi Dielmann,

The purpose of the St. Catherine CARE Line is to provide a way for clergy, parishioners, board members, ministry leaders and friends to notify the church that someone is ill, injured or recovering from an illness or injury or otherwise in need of prayers.  Calling the CARE Line will ensure that the information is published in the Sunday bulletin and the Kandili.  A Get Well card is mailed to each person on the list.  In the future the information will be used to provide meals, transportation and visitation for home bound individuals, if requested.  We have excellent outreach programs to support our own parishioners in need.  One must give permission to be added to the CARE Line before their name will be included.

CARE Line Prayer

“In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, who brought us into this world and knows all of our weaknesses and needs, please visit and heal your servants (or name) from all physical and spiritual maladies, relieve their pain and grant them a quick recovery. If a quick or full recovery is not possible, please be with your servants (or name) helping them to endure whatever pain and suffering they are experiencing until recovery is complete. Dear Lord, help me to be thoughtful and considerate of my brothers and sisters and show me how to recognize and meet their needs, both spoken and unspoken. To You we offer glory, praise and thanksgiving, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

St. Catherine Meal Angels

Visit the Meal Angels Page

St. Catherine Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners Coordinator:  Pam Scooros VanMilligan,

The Prayer Partners are a group of volunteers who have made a commitment to regularly and confidentially pray for all CARE-Line needs as well as for a host of other needs from our parish members and those outside of our parish.   This is an avenue used for those who contact the church in need of prayers and would like to keep their requests private.   Many prayers are received from those outside of the church, including people who locate St. Catherine via the internet.  We are always in need of volunteers willing to add additional prayer requests to their personal prayer time at home.   This is a very simple and easy way to provide time and talent to those in need.

The Healing Prayer

The Healing Prayer is prayed every second Sunday immediately after Divine Liturgy.   This is intended for the healing of any needs our parishioners may have.  It is a community prayer for all.  The prayer is located in the pews on the back of the Lord’s Prayer laminated card.

Holy Unction

Holy Unction usually on Holy Wednesday of Holy Week in Great Lent.  This service is occasionally offered two more times throughout the year as the need of our parishioners require.